proimporter - proimporter Release 21.10 - Import of MS Project Resources and Cost Accounts to Oracle Primavera P6

Release 21.10

With the new release 21.10, we enable the direct import of resources incl. resource units and resource assignments from Microsoft Project into Oracle Primavera P6. The new features are now available in proimporter Version 21.10.0

That means: The specific mapping function of the proimporter guarantees a smooth transfer of MS Project outline codes to Primavera P6 resource codes. It supports data import into both cloud-hosted and on-premises P6 EPPM databases. So, nothing stands in the way of a secure and accurate import of your MS Project resources!




Import of Cost Accounts and additional validation steps

In addition, the release 21.10 includes the transfer of cost accounts in addition with extra automated validation steps. To provide you with the best usability of proimporter, we have also made improvements to the GUI.

Note: We recommend all our customers who are on proimporter version 21.5 or below to upgrade to version 21.10.0.


2021 10 26 proimporter Release Grafik Toolscreenshot V001


Whats next?

The transfer of resource calendars from MS Project and project resources planned based on resource calendars will be realized as a feature in the last quarter of this year. Stay up to date with our proimporter roadmap!  

You have questions? We have the answers!

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Don't hesitate to get in contact with us! To get in touch, feel free to use the contact form or our chat function! In regular intervals we offer a free tool demo (DE and EN) for proimporter. The current dates for the webinar can be found in our webcast announcements.


Secure, faster, easier – proimporter

You know the exchange of project schedules via xer or mpp files and the inconsistencies associated with it in Oracle Primavera P6? You want to avoid importing corrupt and irrelevant data into your database and reduce the effort of time-consuming cleanup after the import?

With the proimporter, we offer you a solution for fast, precise and secure xer and mpp imports into Oracle Primavera P6 databases - directly and without any detours!

Application area

The proimporter has a wide range of uses in various applications

Consortium partners

Exchanging monthly schedule updates via xer and mpp files with customers and suppliers.


Migration of data between different Primavera P6 databases.

New P6 customers

Transfer of existing schedules in MS Project to Oracle Primavera P6.

Project managers and scheduler

Exchange schedules from different service areas of a project in xer or mpp format and consolidate project data in Primavera P6.

Your Benefit

Increase in data quality

Increase in data quality

Verification and individual mapping of data to be imported
Cost savings

Cost savings

Avoid manual database cleanup and no need to clear up corrupt data after importing
Training expense savings

Training expense savings

User interface simplicity for intuitive use of the toll
Straightforward collaboration

Straightforward collaboration

Exchange of data between partners, suppliers, customers and Primavera P6 databases
Importing Baselines

Importing Baselines

Baselines that have been converted into projects in P6 can be imported as baselines into the target database
Trouble free migration

Trouble free migration

Trouble-free transfer of data during reorganization or tool-rollout

proimporter Roadmap – Outlook on our functional expansions


  Function implemented in the tool
  Function in planning

2nd quarter of 2021

proimporter MPP import compatibility with Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM Cloud Databases
GUI upgrades (new column for activity types)
Q2 2021

3rd quarter of 2021

MS Project Resource import into Oracle Primavera P6
Import of Resource Codes into Primavera P6
Additional validation steps and import of Cost Accounts
Q3 2021

4th quarter of 2021

Import of Oracle Primavera P6 Resource Rates
Enterprise-wide available import templates / templates with global changes can be provided to regular users by Global Admins
Import of MS Project Resource Rates to Oracle Primavera P6
Import of Primavera P6 Resource Rates to Oracle Primavera P6
Additional validation steps and better handling of error messages
Q4 2021