proimporter - proimporter Release 22.7.0

With the release 22.7.0, we have implemented additional features in proimporter.

Note: For a smooth performance of the tool, we recommend all customers who use proimporter with version 22.5.0 or below reinstalling on version 22.7.0.

The following upgrades have been made:







New Features:

Availability of a Connection Manager (multi-client capability) for admins:
Option for admins to export and import the configurations used in proimporter via TemplateFile.
Admins can import TemplateFiles to different proimporter versions. This simplifies the configuration of connections (via Web Services and API).
Connections can be added, deleted and edited in the Connection Settings. Import and export of TemplateFiles is also possible here.

With help of the Connection Manager, P6 connections can be configured either via API or via Web Services.

Dashboard Connection Manager

P6 connection configuration via API
For the P6 connection configuration via API, additional restrictions for the user login to certain database instances within a BREBootrap can be made in the „Database Instance Restriction“ field (e.g. restricting access to only one database instance by entering the instance ID).

The following information is collected for the configuration via API:

Connection Configuration API

P6 connection configuration via Web Services

The following information is acquired for the P6 connection configuration via Web Services:

Connection Configuration Web Service

Login mask for proimporter user

The proimporter user then sees in the login mask which configurations are available to him and can log in accordingly. The login is done as before by entering the Oracle Primavera P6 user with password. A field with the connection selection ("Config") has been added to the login mask.


The login mask for the user via API additionally includes
the connection selection ("Config") and P6 instance:


The login mask for the user via Web Service includes
the connection selection ("Config") and Cloud-URL:

Screenshot Login Maske API V002


Login Maske Web Service


Feature "Progress display for data import":
A progress bar has been added to the visual display of the data import. The user can now track the progress and duration of an import with the help of this display.

Anzeige Fortschrittsbalken Import Progress

Warning message when import action changes from "Create" to "Update" (Project ID):
A warning message appears when the import action of a project changes from "Create" to "Update" after changing the project ID. This additional safety mechanism prevents an unintentional update and overwriting of already existing projects and ensures the uniqueness of the project ID during import.
The warning message also appears if an attempt is made to update a project to a specific EPS node without the corresponding access rights.

Quick fixes:

Display of used Quick Fixes in the ImportLog:

All Quick Fixes used during the import of a project are documented in the ImportLog under the tab "Used Quick Fixes" an can be saved for documentation.

Validation function:

Extension of the validation check "Cost Account Names":

If Cost Account Names are too long or duplicates are identified during the Validation Check, a Quick Fix für Cost Account Names and Ids is performed to ensure the uniqueness of names and IDs.

Bug fixes:

Bug fix: Improvement of import action for Cost Account child elements:

If the import action "Ignore" is set for Cost Accounts, all child elements are also set to "Ignore".


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Secure, faster, easier – proimporter

You know the exchange of project schedules via xer or mpp files and the inconsistencies associated with it in Oracle Primavera P6? You want to avoid importing corrupt and irrelevant data into your database and reduce the effort of time-consuming cleanup after the import?

With the proimporter, we offer you a solution for fast, precise and secure xer and mpp imports into Oracle Primavera P6 databases - directly and without any detours!

Application area

The proimporter has a wide range of uses in various applications

Consortium partners

Exchanging monthly schedule updates via xer and mpp files with customers and suppliers.


Migration of data between different Primavera P6 databases.

New P6 customers

Transfer of existing schedules in MS Project to Oracle Primavera P6.

Project managers and scheduler

Exchange schedules from different service areas of a project in xer or mpp format and consolidate project data in Primavera P6.

Your Benefit

Increase in data quality

Increase in data quality

Verification and individual mapping of data to be imported
Cost savings

Cost savings

Avoid manual database cleanup and no need to clear up corrupt data after importing
Training expense savings

Training expense savings

User interface simplicity for intuitive use of the toll
Straightforward collaboration

Straightforward collaboration

Exchange of data between partners, suppliers, customers and Primavera P6 databases
Importing Baselines

Importing Baselines

Baselines that have been converted into projects in P6 can be imported as baselines into the target database
Trouble free migration

Trouble free migration

Trouble-free transfer of data during reorganization or tool-rollout

proimporter Roadmap – Outlook on our functional expansions


  Function implemented in the tool
  Function in planning

2nd quarter of 2022

Extension validation of activity codes after quick fix function (after application of quick fix)
Advanced validation of data via API to be written to the database)
Feature ".Pait Templates": compatibility of projects with import templates
Additional validation of relationships, activity codes and UDF values to avoid possible duplicates in the DB
Optimization Quick Fixes Data Date and Activity Codes
Various Bug-Fixes
Q2 2022

3rd quarter of 2022

Message when after quickfix the import action of the project changes from "create" to "update
Validation function of Cost Accounts names
Visual display of the status during data import
Multi-client capability (Connection Manager)
Display of performed quick fixes in the import log
Various Bug-Fixes
Q3 2022

4th quarter of 2022

Validation enhancement and extended import actions when importing baselines that already exist in P6
Search function for P6 objects that are available in P6 and for import data in the proimporter interface
Improvement in the display of Web Service URLs and API connections in the login mask
Various Bugfixes
Q4 2022