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  • the solution for quick, precise, and secure imports
    from Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6
    to Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM




proimporter Webcast april, 17th 2020

proimporter Webcast april, 17th 2020

You use Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM as project management system and have implemented a strict naming and structuring convention in your Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM database?

Then visit our webcast on Friday, 17 April 2020 from 9 to 10 am!

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In our video we show you how to import activity codes on EPS level

In our video we show you how to import activity codes on EPS level

Importing EPS activity codes to Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM can rapidly become complex. With the proimporter you can easily import activity codes on EPS level.

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Release 19.12 - Improved usability, new features, new quickfixes and bugfixes.

Release 19.12 - Improved usability, new features, new quickfixes and bugfixes.

Beside the optical improvements in dropdown menus and the general overview up to the technical manual, with the release 19.12 we have made general improvements in many areas.

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Secure, faster, easier – proimporter

You know the exchange of project schedules via XER or mpp files and the issues that this causes in Oracle Primavera P6? You do not want to import any corrupted, inconsistent or irrelevant data into your database? You want to avoid time-consuming clean-up actions after an import? With proadvise proimporter we offer you the solution for fast, precise and secure imports of XER and mpp files directly into your P6 database!

Application area

proimporter is versatile in various applications

Consortium partners

who exchange monthly schedule updates with customers and suppliers


who migrate data between different databases

New P6 customers

moving their existing MS Project schedules to P6

Overall schedulers and project managers

who consolidate subproject plans from various business units in P6

Your Benefit

Increase in data quality

Increase in data quality

through inspection and individual selection of the data to be imported
Cost savings

Cost savings

by avoiding the necessary database cleanup due to corrupt data
Training expense savings

Training expense savings

through intuitive user interface
Straightforward collaboration

Straightforward collaboration

externally with partners, suppliers, and customers and internally between your P6 databases
Importing Baselines

Importing Baselines

Baselines that have been converted to projects in P6 can be imported as baselines to the target database
Trouble free migration

Trouble free migration

easy transfer of data during reorganization or tool rollout

proimporter Roadmap – Outlook on our functional expansions


  Function included in product
  Function in planning

1st quarter of 2020

Import of projects from MSP as WBS nodes to Primavera P6
proimporter compatibility with Oracle® Primavera P6 PPM
Q1 2020

2nd quarter of 2020

Implementation of an own schema on the database
Locking global elements during import as soon as a user works on them
Implementation of a log file in the database for a improved history
Q2 2020

3rd quarter of 2020

Visual and content adjustments of error messages for a better usability
Ability to store templates on the database in the future
General visual and content revision of the import reports
Storage of user configurations in the database
Q3 2020

4th quarter of 2020

Common implementations for MSP:
     Baseline Import
     Project Codes Import
     Resource Import
Development and implementation of user wishes
Q4 2020