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Slim down your IT with the Software as a Service Solution from proadvise GmbH and concentrate fully on your key business. Additionally, you can benefit from many advantages.



Our world is a digital one. Since the development of the internet in the early 1960s, the demand for fast-medium has increased rapidly. In the last ten years alone, the number of Internet users worldwide has more than doubled. One of the main reasons for that trend is the increased demand for so-called streaming services such as Spotify, Netflix or Amazon Prime in the private environment of users.


But the demand for web-based applications is also increasing in the business environment. All these programs are based on a specific model - the Software as a Service model. However, users with the previously mentioned applications usually only move on the tip of the iceberg. Software as a Service means much more than just streaming music or videos.


Even in the early years of the internet, there was a kind of Software as a Service. It was called ASP (Application Service Provider) and functioned as a service provider offering an application via a network.


What about today?

Up to now the structure is similar. The service provider offers an infrastructure. Either he owns it himself or he rents it via an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider in a data center. Now software can be installed on this environment, which in turn can be leased to a third client.


proadvise GmbH is also a provider of a software as a service solution. Unlike providers of entertainment media, proadvise GmbH offers a solution for your project management environment. Profit from current Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM applications in a highly available, dedicated data center located in Germany.


With Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM you get a powerful solution for global prioritization, planning, administration and implementation of projects, programs and portfolios. Use Team Member to quickly and easily view and edit assigned activities. This works via the smartphone via app or also in the web application. Analyze your schedule easily with the Visualizer's visual interface. The operation is intuitive, so that you can start immediately - without much training effort.


Your Benefits?


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As an option to the Software as a Service Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM package, you can get Oracle® Risk Analysis. With its Monte Carlo simulation, Oracle® Risk Analysis allows companies to find ways to manage projects more efficiently. Capture your risks and take countermeasures early to minimize potential impacts.


Are you interested?

We would be pleased if you contact us via our SaaS contact form.


In addition, you will receive a 12-month proimporter license for each user!


You don't know our proimporter? With the proimporter you get a tool that facilitates the import of XER and MPP files to Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM. The proimporter is equipped with an import validation, which searches for logic errors before importing them into Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM and clears them. During the validation process, the tool checks the files to be imported for errors and inconsistencies and categorizes them. This improves the overview and allows to fix all inconsistencies of a category with only one click.


The proimporter Quick-Fix function allows users to add prefixes to project data, activity codes, UDFs, calendars, roles, and resources while importing project data. The proimporter also supports a template function so that all user input can be saved and reloaded.


Furthermore, the proimporter supports the import of new schedules for the initial essay as well as the update of existing schedules, e.g. for the monthly synchronization of the project progress between the project partners.


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