proimporter - Functions

Key Features

With the proimporter you can import the current status of your project at any time from your suppliers, customers and business partners to Oracle Primavera P6 lossless using an xer or mpp file. 

Reduce manual effort and ensure data quality

  • Individual mapping and selection of data objects such as calendars, codes, and UDFs
  • Unaltered import of planned and actual data
  • Protection against corruption of global configuration data
  • Saving mapping settings in templates

Import validation

  • Bridging the different computational logic of P6 and MS Project
  • Intuitive guidance of the user through necessary decisions and options

Support with initial project set-up and regular updates

  • Easy data import of xer and mpp files
  • Merging of subproject plans
  • Synchronization of project progress between project partners
  • Data consistency validation

    Data consistency validation

    • Check of imported data for validation errors
    • Avoid import of inconsistent data
    • Fix inconsistencies with Quick-Fix features
    • Import of xer files based on the P6 calculation logic
  • Quick Fix Features

    Quick Fix Features

    • Trimming of excessive ID Lengths - Project, WBS, Activity, Resource, Role
    • Inserting prefixes for non-unique IDs - Project, WBS, Activity, Resource, Role
    • Selection of baselines number of baselines is limited in database settings
    • Avoiding import of unused Resource Calendars
    • Avoiding import of corrupt data
  • User notices

    User notices

    • Report of all imported data
    • Detailed documentation of all changes made during the import
    • Saving changes in a change report
    • Rollback option after Import
  • Project update

    Project update

    • Updates of existing project schedules
    • Import of updates from xer and mpp files
    • Import of project progress
    • Updates of structures (WBS, Activities)
    • Updates of attributes

Functions according to user mode

proimporter offers three different user modes with different authorization levels. Users without indepth tool-knowledge can carry out imports quickly and safely with limited authorization.
Experienced users and administrators can use the full range of functions with extended authorization.

2019 02 07 proimporter Key Featur xer

proimporter can import files from MS Project in the original mpp format. A conversion to xml format
is not necessary.


2019 02 07 proimporter Key Feature mpp