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webcast june 2020

There is often chaos in project plans after the import of data from customers or contractors. The users of Oracle® Primavera P6 can tell you a thing or two about it. As soon as a partner send his XER and MPP files, nothing is in the right place anymore.

This is a big challenge for Oracle Primavera P6 administrators and users, which usually involves a lot of time and high follow-up costs. But how do you make sure that the import of XER and MPP files runs smoothly?

In any case with our proimporter!


Learn in our free webcast how our proimporter makes it easier for you to import data into an Oracle® Primavera P6 database.

In our webcast you will learn how to easily import XER or MPP files into your Oracle® Primavera P6 database with just a few clicks. Because with the proimporter, annoying data contamination is history.

In particular, the tool allows you to edit the MPP and MSP file precisely - you can define among other things whether you want to import different objects like: projects, activities, start/end date values, durations, WBS elements, calendars, activity codes from the XER/MPP file, change, ignore or create new ones. The proimporter also supports you with the automatic generation of a baseline and data validation of import files.

Because the proimporter ist steadily growing, this time we have prepared an innovation for you. Up to now, especially users of Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM could benefit from our tool if they wanted to import data sets from other projects in P6 or Micorsoft projects. But after our release 20.6 the proimporter also works perfectly with Oracle® Primavera P6 PPM.

If you want to learn more about this, please take part in our webcast on Friday, June 12 2020 from 9 to 10 am. Please apply by filling in the contact form

We will show you how to load your project into the tool, make adjustments to calendars, resources, UDFs and activity codes and, outside of this, for example, how to drag an automatic baseline of your project database with the proimporter or use the roll-back function.

Get to know us better as proadvise GmbH. We look forward to your questions about our services!

If you already have individual questions that you would like us to answer in the webcast, please feel free to attach them. If you already have individual questions that you would like us to answer in the webcast, please feel free to attach them.


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