proimporter - October 2020

It is always a nuisance for users of Oracle® Primavera P6. After data import, the Oracle® Primavera P6 database is often full of unnecessary data. Important global data is overwritten in your own database and you come across a lot of unused or inconsistent data.

The reason for this is usually the import of XER and MPP files into the P6 database. The Oracle® Primavera P6 standard import offers only few options to avoid this. The database must then be cleaned up manually afterwards. This is very time-consuming, expensive and basically not necessary.

Because we have the perfect solution for this problem - the proimporter by proadvise!

Watch our free webcast to see how you can use the proimporter to solve the problem of importing data into an Oracle® Primavera P6 database.

In our webcast you will learn how to import XER or MPP files into your Oracle® Primavera P6 database with just a few clicks safely and without data garbage. With the proimporter you avoid annoying data contamination.

In particular, the proimporter enables you to precisely process MPP and XER files - you can define, among other things, whether you want to change, ignore or create new objects / data such as projects, activities, start / end date values, lead times, WBS elements, calendars, codes from XER / MPP files. The proimporter also supports you with the automatic generation of a baseline and data validation of import files.

We will show you how to make adjustments to calendars, resources, UDFs and activity codes when importing with the proimporter. As a further step we will show you the function of automatic generation of a baseline and present the integrated roll-back function.

We are looking forward to your questions about our services!

Get to know us better as proadvise GmbH. We look forward to your questions about our services!

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