The tool for a quick, precise, and secure data import from Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6 to Oracle Primavera P6!

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proimporter Webinar July 14th, 2023

proimporter enables you to import projects and datasets from Oracle Primavera P6 and MS Project into your P6 target databases in a simple, precise, and secure way. All in one, fast and without manual cleanup! The import tool offers you precise...

proimporter Release 22.11.0

Equipped with new features, proimporter says farewell to the year 2022! The Release 22.11.0 comes with new features and improvements for proimporter.Note: For a smooth performance of the tool, we recommend all customers who are on proimporter ...

proimporter Webinar

proimporter enables you to import projects and datasets from Oracle Primavera P6 and MS Project into your P6 target databaseses in a simple, precise and secure way - fast and without manual cleanup! The import tool offers you precise editing o...

Secure, faster, easier – proimporter

You know the exchange of project schedules via xer or mpp files and the inconsistencies associated with it in Oracle Primavera P6? You want to avoid importing corrupt and irrelevant data into your database and reduce the effort of time-consuming cleanup after the import?

With the proimporter, we offer you a solution for fast, precise and secure xer and mpp imports into Oracle Primavera P6 databases - directly and without any detours!

Application area

The proimporter has a wide range of uses in various applications

Consortium partners

Exchanging monthly schedule updates via xer and mpp files with customers and suppliers.


Migration of data between different Primavera P6 databases.

New P6 customers

Transfer of existing schedules in MS Project to Oracle Primavera P6.

Project managers and scheduler

Exchange schedules from different service areas of a project in xer or mpp format and consolidate project data in Primavera P6.

Your Benefit

Increase in data quality

Verification and individual mapping of data to be imported

Cost savings

Avoid manual database cleanup and no need to clear up corrupt data after importing

Training expense savings

User interface simplicity for intuitive use of the toll

Straightforward collaboration

Exchange of data between partners, suppliers, customers and Primavera P6 databases

Importing Baselines

Baselines that have been converted into projects in P6 can be imported as baselines into the target database

Trouble free migration

Trouble-free transfer of data during reorganization or tool-rollout

proimporter Roadmap –
Outlook on our functional expansions

Function implemented in the tool
Function in planning

2nd quarter of 2023

Extension of the validation function (e.g. for Resource Calendars, Roles)
Improved performance for imports via web services
Technical log file now accessible for end user via click
Notification when closing the import log with reference to rollback function
Various bugfixes

3rd quarter of 2023

Auto Template Function
Import of Relationship Comments
Extension of the validation function
Various bugfixes

4th quarter of 2023

Import of Role & Assignment Codes
Extenstion of the validation function
Various bugfixes
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