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See in our Webcast how the proimporter works and what advantages it has.

Do you have too much data waste in your Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM database? Find out in our free webcast which advantages you will have with the proimporter.

With the proimporter you no longer have to manually save the status of your project.

In the case of a project consortium, project updates are regulary required, which are imported into the database. In order to create monthly reports, it is necessary to save the current project status by drawing a baseline. This is the only way to monitor the project progress and create a meaningful report. If you have forgotten to create the baseline before importing the project updates, subsequent reporting is difficult, if not impossible.

Watch our video by Product Owner Dr. Kai Vießmann to learn how you can automatically save the status of the project with the proimporter in the future.

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