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Validation and quick quick fixes before importing your data with the proimporter

There are a lot of data that are not compatible with the Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM database extension. The most popular errors are too long ID's, too many baselines to handle or the import of unused calendars. In order to detect and correct such errors without much manual effort, the proimporter offers a validation module containing quick fixes.

Errors are detected and quickly corrected using a Quick Fix function.

2019 07 11 QuickFixes Validate

The proimporter validates the file to be imported before the import for possible errors and displays them clearly. You receive a possible Quick Fix for each error. The user now has the following options:

On the one hand the user has the possibility to apply all Quick Fixes en bloc:

2019 07 11 QuickFixes EnBloc

User can also select individual Quick Fixes and correct them:

2019 07 11 QuickFixes Kommentar

As a third option, he can jump directly to an affected object and implement a solution other than the Quick Fix:

This is necessary, for example, when shortening an ID, because if it is no longer unique, it must be changed manually.

2019 07 11 QuickFixes JumpTo


Do you have any suggestions?

You are welcome to send us your suggestions via our contact form. You can also use the chat function on the proimporter website. At regular periods we also offer webcasts for our proimporter. The dates for this can be found on our website or you can follow us on our social media channels.