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Release 22.5.0

With the new release 22.5.0, we have implemented further functional improvements and features in proimporter.

Note: For a smooth performance of proimporter, we recommend all our customers who currently are on proimporter version 22.2.2 or below to upgrade to version 22.5.0.

The following upgrades have been made:

Validation Feature

  • Validation of written objects in the API to avoid possible dublicates:
    Data such as Relationships, Activity Code Assignments and UDF Values previously had to be written directly into the target database without enhanced validation when connecting via API for performance reasons. Now a validation step has been implemented on this data to avoid possible dublicates in the database during import. The performance during the import remeinas the same.
  • Validation check "Ressource assignment on milestones": The validation check is no longer performed on resources that are set to "Ignore" befor the import.
  • Validation check "Calender on Ignore": For calendars that are ignored or mapped with other calendars via "Use instead", the validation check is no longer performed.

New Features

  • Feature ".Pait Templates": Saving of the project ID in the import templates to be able to automatically match it with the ID of the project to be imported. When using an import template that is incompatible with the project to be imported, a warnin message appears.


  • Quick-Fix "Data Date": The Quick-Fix for setting the data date based on the project progess has been adjusted for XER imports.
  • Quick-Fix "Activity Codes": If Activity Codes are shortened via Quick-Fix and if this process should cause duplications in the Activity Codes Values, this is displayes in an error message during validation.


  • Bug-Fix "Project Code Values": Correction of duplicated Project Code Values in the user interface.
  • Bug-Fix "Standard Work Week Calendar": The incorrect display of the Standard Work Week for calendars that already exist in P6 has been improved when importing XER files via Webservices.

What's next? For all upcoming new features, stay up to date with our proimporter Roadmap!

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