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Release 22.2.0

Equipped with new features proimporter starts into the year 2022! Import of Resource Rates, Ressource Calendars from MS Project and Import-/Export-Function for ConfigFiles

With release 22.2.0 we realize the import of Resource Rates (MPP and XER) into Oracle Primavera P6. From now on it is possible to transfer e.g., resource costs into P6 target databases.
The Import of resources from MS Project to Primavera P6 had already been realized in Release 21.10. Now we tie in with this feature and enable the transfer of resource calendars from MS Project. In addition to the import of individual resources, specific resource schedules can therefore be imported into P6. 
Additionally, proimporter is enhanced with the import/export function of ConfigFiles. The configuration settings (e.g., WhiteList, connection information and application settings) can be exported from the tool and made available to other users via import. This significantly reduces the configuration effort for technical administrators.

Improvements on user interface:
The hierarchical levels of the EPS structure, resources and codes are now folded by default and can be opened and closed with one click, just like in Primavera P6.
Enhanced validation function:
The validation function of proimporter has been extended by the following steps:

  • Validation of the Data Dates for MS Project imports
  • RemainingEarlyFinishDate earlier than Actual Start
  • Recource Materials Cannnot have Overtime
  • Improper Activity Relationships

In order to provide you with the best usability of proimporter, we have also added further bug fixes to the tool.

Note: The measures recommended by Oracle to work around the Log4j vulnerability have already been implemented in proimporter release 21.10.2. We strongly recommend all our customers on proimporter version 21.10.0 or below to upgrade to version 22.2.0.

What's next? Features like the validation function of Cost Account Names and of data written SQL, the extended validation of Activity Codes after the Quickfix as well as the multi-client capability (Connection Manager) will be realized in release 22.5.0. Stay up to date with our proimporter Roadmap!

You have questions? We have the answers!
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We work continuously on improving our services for you. Therefor your opinion is very important to us - so feel free to share your feedback with us and take part in our short survey about proimporter!

proimporter webinar – make project imports even easier!
In regular intervals we offer a free tool demo (DE and EN) for proimporter. The current dates for the webinar can be found here.

The nex date
When? 11.03.2022, 09:00-09:30 a.m.
Where? Online
Language? English